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Getting Started

Free list evaluation offer

Follow this link if you have not already taken advantage of our complimentary list evaluation and would like to do so. We will process a list of up to 100,000 records and send you a summary report of our findings for your review, free of charge. Still have questions? Please visit our page of frequently asked questions for more information.

Creating an account

Creating an account with Impressionwise is quick and simple, just follow this link to our new account sign up page where we will request the following information: company name, billing address, phone, contact name, contact email address. After that you will be able to choose which service options and packages best fit your needs (we are available to assist you with this if needed) and then we will set up the account and send over credentials to our client portal where you can make payment, view your credits balance, and upload/download files and results. Once payment is received the credits will be loaded onto the account and we will activate your services so you can cleanse your data!

Uploading your first list

To upload your first list for cleaning, start by logging into our client portal with the credentials provided during your account setup. Once logged in, select the file transfer icon (2nd on the left) in order to upload your list via secure HTTP. Select the “tobeCleaned” folder and click the upwards arrow on the right side, then select the file you wish to upload, and finally select the “Upload file(s)” button. Please be sure you see your file appear below the “tobeCleaned” folder (signifying successful upload) in order for our system to automatically detect it and begin the cleaning process. Our system will relocate the file into the “imported” folder once the account is activated and cleaning begins.

Optionally, you may transfer your list via FTP. Please send us an email if you would like to request your FTP account credentials and then follow the FTP service setup documentation.

Note: Cleansing will only commence if the adequate amount of credits have been purchased and loaded onto the account. If you need to purchase additional credits, please select the “make payment” option within the portal or contact us for assistance.

Starting the verification of your list

Once your file has been successfully uploaded to the “tobeCleaned” folder in your account, the cleansing process will automatically begin within 60 seconds. The amount of time it takes to cleanse a list depends on many factors including list size and domain make-up, so it can range from minutes to hours. An email notification will be sent to the primary contact (and any other contacts added in the Preferences section of the portal to receive File Complete notifications), once the file has completed processing and the results are ready for download. Feel free to check with us for a status at any time if you’d like.

Reviewing your results

Once your file has completed the cleansing process and you received your File Complete notification via email, you may download the results from the “Cleaned” folder in the file transfer center (in the same area of the portal where you uploaded the file originally). Please visit our Data Export Specifications page for a detailed explanation or follow along below.

The results export will be in a compressed (zip) file format and within the zip file you will find your three main results files and two folders labeled Details and reports. The reports folder contains your List Profile Report (which you may have already seen if you completed our complimentary evaluation). This PDF report contains a great deal of valuable information and detail about our findings as well as export specifications and usage guidance. The Details folder is designed to provide advanced users with additional information that can be used for customizing usage of our findings. At Impressionwise we want to empower you with the tools to utilize your results in a way that achieves your desired goals. Additional information about the Details folder can be found in your List Profile Report, and we are always happy to go over the results with you as well.

Gain an unprecedented view, revealing hidden aspects of your data.

Our report is quite comprehensive and we highly suggest scheduling a convenient time to discuss how to make the most of our findings and suggested usage of the various exports. Simply put, this overview of your report will help you gauge our service’s overall effectiveness as it relates to your own data. See how Impressionwise can make the difference between a successful campaign outreach versus a negative hit to your online reputation Optionally, you can always review this help documentation for additional assistance.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about our cleansing process or your results, and we look forward to you experiencing the results that truly set Impressionwise apart!

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With an average of 117,545 new email-based threats found each month, Impressionwise makes it easy for potential clients to evaluate our list cleaning services by offering a complimentary scan and report for a sample set of your data to illustrate the benefits of our services.

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