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7 Benefits of a Clean Email List

7 Benefits of a Clean Email List

Implementing the practice of email verification and email hygiene list cleaning has numerous benefits. Senders who regularly utilize these services experience increased (and faster) deliverability, enhanced online reputation and conversion rates, and higher ROI on campaign outreaches. Check out our slideshare below outlining some of the most important benefits of using these types of email cleansing services and you’ll clearly see why it should be an integral part of your overall email deliverability strategy.

1. Protect Your Reputation

If you care about nothing else, you should care about this. A huge component of your email deliverability is your sender reputation which is made up of spam trap hits, complaints, and bounces – among many other factors. If you want to make the most of your list and your email campaigns, you must have a good reputation and the best way to do that is through frequent email validation and hygiene.

2. Get Rid of Those Hard Bounces

Many ESP's have thresholds built within their platform to identify "troublesome senders". If your bounce ratio is greater than 3-5%, you could see yourself wind up in this category and along with a bad campaign, you could very well get kicked off your ESP account and find yourself high and dry.

3. Save Yourself Some Money!

Stop paying your ESP to send emails that will never reach the inbox. Practicing frequent email list validation and hygiene can help reduce the overall cost of your email marketing campaign outreach.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

Conversion is all about engagement. If you are sending to invalid or malicious email addresses, your conversion rates will be low. With a clean list, your emails are being sent to an audience with a tendency for higher engagement propensity – ultimately leading to increased conversion rates.

5. Ability to be Proactive

You never want to find yourself in a situation where you are having to react to being blocked by your ESP from sending email due to poor list maintenance. Practicing real-time email verification and frequent email list cleansing can help you prevent these scenarios leading to deliverability issues before they occur.

6. Knowledge is Power

A huge benefit of cleaning an email list is that it gives you a sound understanding of your lists content which in turn provides you with actionable insight to make accurate and sound decisions regarding your campaigns. Ultimately, this detailed knowledge will allow you to better target and engage your recipients.

7. Prolonged Resource Usage

An all too overlooked fact is that if you continuously send to bad addresses, you will burn your resources. When you send on poor resources, your addresses may be blocked before they even get to the inbox, regardless of their validity. Using a list cleaning service can help prolong the usage of your resources ensuring they maintain a pristine reputation.

Test out our services and see the benefits of cleansing your list begin to take effect. Complete a complimentary evaluation today and see how your list stacks up!...